Cowboy Bedrolls
Excellant Bag I have used this sleeping bag for the last 25 years in guiding hunters in Wyoming and Montana in the harshest weather. This bag is the only bedroll you will ever need! M White
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"I will have my Extreme Sleeping Bag with me where ever I go." Clint Eastwood, Actor, Producer, Director.
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Rugged Comfort! This model features "Three Sleeping Compartments" to choose from, depending on outside temperatures. There is also a fourth pocket for easy storage of your ground pad or air mattress. At the head of the bag is a flannel lined flap to cover you on cold nights. 
Cowboy Bedrolls For Sale - Waterproof Treated Canvas - Only Bedroll You Will Ever Have To Buy!
Made In USA
This is the ultimate hunting sleeping bag!
Size:41" x 84"
Weight: approx. 22 lbs
Comfort Zone: -20 to +65 degrees
Lining: Polyester/Cotton Flannel
Rugged YK Zipper
"This Sleeping Bag" is just great and is without a doubt the best sleeping bag I have every used!" James M. Norine, Hunter Services Division, National Rifle Association.

12.oz canvas- super heavy duty, marine grade canvas, double application of waterproofing agents
A modern cowboy bedroll is a waterproof canvas sleeping compartment that is sometimes insect-proof. All bedrolls come with a foam mattress, and can comfortably be slept in with the addition of a pillow and cowboy bedroll sleeping bag.When rolled up the bedroll is relatively lightweight and compact, making it ideal for storage and transport. It is typically easy to erect and roll up can be done quickly. Canvas Bedrolls are still heavily used, particularly in the western states, by cowboys and outfitters. The modern bedrolls for camping are designed for robustness and is marketed towards those travelling by horse - they are too heavy and bulky to be transported 
  Great Sleeping Bag For Horse Pack Trips & Hunting With Western State Outfitters. For Cold Country!